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The Gear & Gadgets is committed to be best for your personal healthcare needs, we provide perfect products right from abroad, mostly exclusive of the bricks and mortar retail channel. With our vision in pursuit of quality life, and ensure each item for sale on this Storefront are the selective of reliance beneficial to keeping a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, and yet cost-effective.

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Dedicated to provide you with peace of mind shopping experience

Consumers these days believe in better lifestyle, shopping for trendy quality products at inexpensive price has become a common phenomenon... Given the situation we ensure each of the merchandise for sale on our Storefront is the selective of reliance and yet cost effective beneficial to keeping a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

The Gear & Gadgets being a leading personal healthcare products provider with office in Richmond BC and Bellingham WA specializes in private labeling digital hearing aids, personal sound amplification products (PSAPs), over-the-counter body muscle toning devices (EMS), laser hair removal gadgets, hydro floss oral irrigator and more for sale through multiple distribution channels reaching the markets of direct consumers, retailers and master distributors.

We consider complying with local laws, regulations and codes is of vital importance. The Gear & Gadgets is also committed to meet the standards for safety, electromagnetic compatibility, ergonomics and other regulatory compulsory requirements. For environmental concerns we develop methods to help reduce materials disposition by extending the relevant product life cycle, and to provide effective solutions for meeting the Eco & Earth friendly product requirements.

We enable the strongest SSL encryption to ensure high Internet security on our Storefront for your browsing around and shopping for your dream products.


VibraWake™ wireless pillow alarm clock the alarm clock for the hearing impaired

the VibraWake Sigma vibrating alarm clock hides its wireless vibrating alarm unit separately inside your pillow. You no longer need to put underneath your pillow an entire clock to worry it might fail to wake you up as it had slipped sideway over night. You may click here for more details.

Whisper® Rechargeable BTE Hearing Amplifier alternative to hearing aids

Whisper Rechargeable is a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing amplifier a hearing aid alternative designed for hearing soft sounds & weak voices; can dramatically improve awareness of surroundings for greater independence and security. You may click here for more details.

The Perfect Air Ionic Air Purifier for your home & office

Perfect Air is a portable ionic air cleaner refreshes air in any living areas indoor, a very efficient device capable process large volume of air continuously. The Perfect Air ionic air cleaner provides you clean air in room size at your finger tip. You may click here for more details.